Information about The Project

In the recent years the number of international projects in the construction sectors in Spain, Poland and Portugal has increased significantly. Knowledge connected with effective use of those funds seems to be very important for better cohesion of Poland and other pre-accession countries to EU.

Specialised training in the area of preparation of projects and later – the management of projects within the Spanish, Portuguese and Polish construction industries is important because of the following issues:

- increasing number of projects connected with future Structural Funds, Cohesion Funds and other EU support, including existing programmes like ISPA or SAPARD,

- a growing number of Spanish, Polish and Portuguese engineers and managers in construction working on common projects – the project will facilitate their understanding of management of infrastructure projects within member states of the European Union.

- the growing use and importance of International Contract Conditions (European Union Conditions of Contract, PRAG or FIDIC). The project will allow Spanish, Polish and Portuguese engineers and managers for better understanding of International Contract documents and procedures, facilitating the management of contracts financed by International Agencies (e.g. European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or World Bank) and other EU Commission supported programmes (like Framework VI, Structural Funds, or SAPARD).

- differences and similarities between legal regulations in the area of construction industry in Partners countries – the project will give comparison of the legal regulations, which will facilitate the understanding of relevant procedures, like building permits preparation, taking over, etc. The project will allow for the transfer of information Spanish, Polish and Portuguese construction Law.

Project will start with the recognition of training needs among Spanish, Polish and Portuguese construction industry personnel, and employees of public authorities. For this purpose questionnaires and Focus Group methods will be used. Special WEB site for the project will be created for: organisation of the questionnaire, gathering the responds from future participants of the courses, and for dissemination of the results of the project. Methods of preparation of the projects as well as managements procedures in construction in Spain, Poland and Portugal will be analysed, compared and described.

The Project Team will create curricula, methodology and teaching materials for chosen CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses in the area of preparation and management of infrastructure projects. Creation of different types of courses are foreseen, possible courses are: preparatory works for the infrastructure projects, together with procedures of funds preparation, international tendering procedures, international contract conditions, international projects risk management, CM/PM, cost management, risk management, quality management, environmental management, health and safety management, etc.).

Courses will be the part of CPD. There are short trainings for the future tutors of the courses, as well as preparation of the test courses (for checking the quality of prepared materials) foreseen. The results of the project will be disseminated in Spain, Portugal and Poland to representatives of construction industry related companies, and employees of public authorities. Results of the project will be available for transfer to other EU countries (especially new Members countries), as well as future Members of EU, like Romania and Bulgaria.