About the project

The presented platform is a result of the project no. PL04/PP/02/18/417 entitled "Recognition of needs and preparation of professional courses in preparation and management of infrastructural construction projects, financed by the European Union", implemented within the framework of Leonardo da Vinci Programme.
The project partners were:
- Department of Production Engineering and Management in Construction - Warsaw University of Technology - Poland - Project Promoter
- Polytechnic University of Valencia - Spain
- Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas - Lithuania
- University of Minho - Portugal
- Association of Consulting Engineers and Experts (SIDiR) - Poland
- Polish British Construction Partnership (PBCP) - Poland

The project was devised to recognise, in the partnering states, the methods of management of infrastructural projects financed by the European Union funds. This recognition was aimed at analysis of legal regulations pertaining to:
- building law provisions
- other legal regulations, for instance, associated with environmental protection
- public procurement law
- agreements and contracts for construction works, such as FIDIC regulations

The aim of these analyses was to provide more information concerning the methods of management of infrastructural projects in Spain, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal, on behalf of organisations and construction managers, who deal with such problems in Europe. The studies of results are open to complementing by adding data from other EU states.

In the project, the scope of necessary managerial knowledge, needed for management of infrastructural projects, was analysed. After conducting the survey, it was decided that knowledge in the field of management of infrastructural projects would be extended with regard to: management of implementation of construction projects, cost management and management of quality and safety of work.

More info: http://siwy.il.pw.edu.pl/~kipzb






Copyright LdV project No: PL/04/B/F/PP-174417. Guimares, Valencia, Vilnius, Warsaw 2006