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Common Learning Outcomes for European Managers in Construction

Promoter of the project

Departament of Construction Engineering and Management, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Partner organizations

Association of Building Surveyors and Construction Experts (AEEBC) - Belgium

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (PUV) - Spain

Chartered Institute of Building Ireland (CIOBIE) - Ireland

Polish British Construction Partnership (PBCP) - Poland

Polish Association of Building Managers(PSMB) - Poland

University of Salford (UoS) - UK

Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) - UK


18 months

Project is based on European Directive nr 89/48/EWG on regulated professions in respect to scope of recognition, maintain of high standard in professional disciplines, promotion and certification of qualifications by international associations and organizations – also from construction sector. Construction sector in the European Union is one of the most important branches of economy. Through realization of construction objects and employing several million of people it plays a very important role in European integration. The main task of the project is to deepen and improve ideas mentioned in the directive, which will lead to creation of European system of comparison, certification and mutual recognition of managerial qualifications in construction. Profile of construction managers’ education, responsible for cooperation in the field of construction in the European Union developed differently in countries with command economy and market economy. As a result of the proposed project, a set of manuals will be created, forming common platform of managerial knowledge, necessary for management in construction. This base of knowledge will form a foundation of recognition and certification of managerial qualifications in construction, in European Countries. Managerial knowledge used in construction, varies from that necessary for industrial production. Partners of the proposed project have vast experience in this area, because some of them took part in already successfully finished two Leonardo da Vinci projects, which as a result brought creation of structure of managerial knowledge in construction along with certification system compliant with the EU requirements. There were also created curricula for complementary postgraduate studies, as well as rules and criteria of certification. In order to fully take advantage from results of previous LdV funded Project, there is a necessity to create set of manuals, as a follow-up activity. Without these manuals it is impossible to launch complementary studies, promoting recognition of qualifications and accreditation of construction managers in the European Union. Partners of the project express an opinion, that if the two previous LdV funded projects earned the favour of experts assessing project’s proposals as well as their results, it would be a natural continuation and valorization to allow this project to happen. Directives from previous projects are put into practice by i.e. creation of Polish Association of Building Managers (PSMB – www.psmb.pl) and its close cooperation with The Chartered Institute of building (CIOB – www.ciob.org.uk) and The Association of European Building Surveyors and Construction Experts (AEEBC – www.aeebc.org), what assures European dimension of the project. Foreseen manuals will become a new tool allowing promotion, certification, comparison and recognition of construction engineers and managers competence on European, domestic and sector level. The manuals will allow process of standardization (in all 12 countries associated in AEEBC, and other also) of certification process of engineers applying for the title of EurMC. It is foreseen that as a result of the project, a set of manuals will be created, called Construction Manager Library, consisting of 7 books:
- Financial Management in Construction
- Human Resources Management
- Partnering in Construction
- Commercial Management
- Real Estate Management
- Project Management
- Construction Management
Published manuals will be a foundation for:
- certification of qualifications and competence of managerial staff in construction, conducted in EU member countries, in order to obtain the title of EurMC,
- launching education and complementary education at university level and other bodies – members of AEEBC. Set of manuals will be used also for teaching purposes, carried out in English language for students in many European countries. That will allow increase of mobility among students going on scholarships in Erasmus-Socrates programmes. 
- Self-education by CPD of construction staff

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