"Improvement of the linguistic skills of Polish and Portuguese Construction managers and engineers
- recognition of needs and preparation of courses in "Construction English Language"

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Description of the project titled:

The main goal of the project is to develop a system of mutual recognition of managerial skills in construction, comparison and certification of managerial qualifications in the European construction industry. The system is necessary in order to provide equal opportunities in the labour market for construction engineers from European Union in pre-accession and Central and Eastern Europe countries as well as for engineers from these countries in European Union.
The basis for above mentioned curricula and didactical assumptions were developed during 2000-2001 Leonardo da Vinci I project titled: "Development of New Type of Studies and Courses in the Field of Management in Construction for Engineers According to Requirements of European Union". Following organizations took part in the project: Institute of Construction Engineering and Management- Warsaw University of Technology (former Institute of Technology and Organization of Building Production), Polish British Construction Partnership Ltd, Construction Management Education Foundation, European Construction Ventures Ltd from Great Britain and Minho University from Portugal.
The main effect of this project was a recognition of needs for managerial qualifications of construction personnel, recognition of applied systems of education, certification of the personnel and accreditation of studies in European Union, formulation of complex structure of managerial knowledge in construction, assumptions of creating a set of textbooks for "Construction Manager Library", as well as development of a curricula of studies in Poland.
In order to develop European system, which would assure standardization of levels and transparency of construction managers' qualifications, the project titled "Model of Professional Qualifications Structure and New Methods of Promotion, Certification and Mutual Recognition of Managerial Skills in Construction Industry According to the Requirements of E.U." was widened by participation of:
- Chartered Institute of Building - Great Britain, which certifies construction engineers and managers, as well as accredits these type of studies,
- College of Estate Management - University of Reading, which has an extensive experience in "continuous education" and "distance learning education system",
- National Union of Building Employers - which will conduct verification of created materials,

In order to achieve intended goals, following main activities are to be realized:

- discussion and acceptation in an extended group of partners of the project final version of areas and structure of managerial knowledge in construction, necessary for different levels of qualifications and all types of managerial function in construction, in order to certify engineers and accredit courses,
- creation of a guidebook for a comparability of all components of certification and accreditation systems in the form of curricula-qualification modules. These modules will describe content-related qualification requirements. Selected sets of these modules will become a compendia of knowledge for different levels of qualifications and different specializations,
- comparable analysis of curricula, education methods and certification requirements in selected countries from European Union,
- creation of uniform certification criteria of managerial qualifications and accreditation of studies, preparing to fulfil managerial functions in various areas of construction industry and different levels of required qualifications,
- preparation of models and organization of complementary studies (especially "distance learning" system), which are necessary to standardize qualification levels and process of specialization of construction managers in different countries, according to agreed criteria of certification and MBA postgraduate studies in Construction Management and Real Estate Management,
- preparation of uniform and detailed conditions and procedures of managerial skills certification and accreditation of studies assuring these qualifications, which are necessary to establish an organization called "European Construction Management Club", that will conduct and coordinate process of certification and accreditation on a European scale.

All the mentioned above actions will be realized in agreement with created for the project's purpose body called "Project Advisory Board". Members of that body will be designated from a group of experts from the partner organizations of the project.
Results and materials obtained and created by mentioned above activities will become products of the project. These products will be disseminated in partner countries as well as in countries from Central and Easter Europe by a number of conferences, seminars, publications and will be put into practice by partner organizations of the project.

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