About the Project

This Project is related to the EU Dir 89/48/EWG on reg. prof. in respect of recognition, promotion and certif. of qualifications by international assoc. and organiz. – from constr.

The main task of the project is to improve Directive’s ideas, which will lead to creation of proper EU system of comparison, certific. and mutual recogn. of managerial qualifications in construction. Profile of construction managers’ education, responsible for cooperation in the field of construction in the EU, developed differently in different countries.

Project is the continuation of the finished LdV CLOEMC I and CLOEMC II. CLOEMC I created first 7 books for Construction Managers’ Library.

M1 – Project Management in Construction

M2 – Partnering in Construction

M3 – Business Management in Construction Enterprise

M4 – Human Resource Management in Construction

M5 – Real Estate Management

M6 – Economy and Financial Management in Construction

M7 – Construction Management

CLOEMC I manuals are commercially published on PL market, in respond to demand from construction engineers (agreement with publ, and photo–Annex 6). Second set of next 6 manuals was written in the CLOEMC II project. As a result of the project, a set of next, new 6 manuals was created, forming full common platform of managerial knowledge, necessary for management in construction.

M8 – Risk Management in Constrcution

M9 – Process Management – Lean Construction

M10 – Computer Methods in Construction

M11 – PPP Projects in Constrcution

M12 – Value Management in Construction

M13 – Construction Projects – Good Practice

This base of knowledge will extend the foundations of recognition and certification of managerial qualifications in construction, in EU Countries. Curricula for complementary postgraduate studies, as well as rules and criteria of certification were created. There was a necessity to create next set of manuals, as a follow-up activity.

As a result of the CLOEMC III project, a set of next, new 6 manuals will be created, forming full common platform of managerial knowledge, essential for management in construction.

MANUAL 1 – M14 Due-diligence in Construction

MANUAL 2 – M15 Motivation and Psychology Aspects in Construction Industry

MANUAL 3 – M16 Professionalism and Ethics in Construction

MANUAL 4 – M17 – Sustainability in Construction

MANUAL 5 – M18 – Health and Safety in Construction

MANUAL 6 – M19 – Pathology in Construction

Without these manuals it is not possible to launch compl. stud., promoting recog. of qualif. and accred. of constr. manag. in the EU. Results from previous projects are put into practice by i.e. creation of PSMB and its close cooperation with CIOB and AEEBC, what assures European dimension of the project. These manuals will become a new tool allowing promotion, certification, comparison and recognition of construction engineers and managers competence on European, domestic and sector level.

The manuals will allow process of standardization (16 organisations in 12 EU countries associated in AEEBC) of certification process of engineers applying for the title of EurBE (http://www.aeebc.org/EurBETestSite).

New books, more connected with human aspects of management, will lead to better staff cooperation. Four Univ. (WUT, KEMP, DARM, UMINHO), as well as AEEBC and CIOB will be responsible for writing the manuals, later checked and approved by professional associations. PSMB will be responsible for coordination of translations and dissemination. Results of the project will improve didactic process and qualifications recognition of EU managers in construction. Two previously prepared manuals are being transf. into distance learning mode (FSS project).